Beware of spam and phishing on online casinos

The online casino and virtual gambling sector in general is increasingly targeted by attempts at fraud against users. We would like to clarify immediately that the best online casinos do not try in any way to set up spam actions . On the contrary, they oppose these activities, which put their reputation at risk. In a period of crisis like the one we are experiencing, unfortunately, many are looking for a way too easy to earn large sums at the expense of users and the online gaming sector is by far the favorite of spammers.

The first tip is to pay attention to the emails you receive . There are various tricks that the bad guys use to try to make you fall into the trap, making the emails they send appear as similar as possible to those that real online casinos send in full legality. The most used tricks are to entice users to visit a certain gaming site to take advantage of a particularly advantageous promotion, or to pretend to be the casino staff by asking you to communicate your login details to the casino or similar.

In all cases the goal is the same: to steal your money or your identity. If you are not a customer of a certain casino, avoid following any link present in these fake emails, because it will almost certainly lead you to a site very similar graphically to the original one but behind which there is a criminal activity (phishing). In any case, when you land on the pages of a casino site, always check that the word “https” is present at the beginning of the page address, which indicates a secure and certified link.

Always keep in mind that online casinos only send emails to registered players who have given their consent to receive promotional material, and only to the email address entered when opening the account. If you receive emails stating an online casino to which you are not registered or to an email address that you have not voluntarily provided, in 99.99% of cases it is spam that has nothing to do with real gambling halls .

Another method used sometimes by spammers comes in the form of “advertising” through traditional mail. You may receive an envelope containing a CD with a game program and a flyer informing about the excellent qualities of a certain casino. Throw them in the trash without thinking twice.

This behavior is harmful to users but also to seriously managed ecwon online casinos, which take years to build a good reputation, only to see it ruined by the misuse of the brand by cybercriminals.

In any case, pay close attention to details. First of all, avoid downloading game programs from sites other than the official online casino ones. Instead, follow the links you find online on the review sites and information about it, check that the address of the landing page contains the words “HTTPS” and download the software directly from there. If you are still not convinced, browse to some secondary page of the site: often spammers do not bother to copy the entire site, but only the main pages.

Finally, when you receive an email warning you of a new offer for an online casino you are a customer of, take a few seconds to check for the same offer on the official website.

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